Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Learning with WORDLE

Resolutions 2011 by Angie Wallace
In a staff meeting earlier this year, we were asked to jot 
down at least 10 commandments to work by. My list is long, 
thirteen to be exact; however, I felt each was as important as 
the others. After saving my list, I wanted a way to post it at 
my desk while being a little creative. Seeing it every day 
would be a reminder of what I needed to remember daily. That's
when it hit me; why not use WORDLE. Wordle is a site 
where you can type a list of words or phrases that will 
appear in random order. You can change the font, the 
colors, and the randomness as it appears. I had heard 
and seen this used many times  especially from my 
co-workers. I asked for the link to Wordle.  It was very 
easy to create what I wanted, but I couldn't figure out 
how to keep phrases together. After asking, I found out that 
the ~ symbol does the trick. Please take a look at my wordle 
for my resolutions/commandments for the year. There could 
be a few that you could use. Kudos to Steven Anderson and 
Melissa Edwards for answering my questions! 

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