Monday, June 27, 2011

Do You Ever Wonder?

As many of you know, most of our department here at Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools are  fans of the Wonderopolis site in Thinkfinity. I am a huge fan of this site and love the many resources that are shared daily through the 'Wonder of the Day.' Last Thursday night, I participated in my first, live Twitter chat.  It was entitled 'Camp What A Wonder.' This chat was through Wonderopolis. This being my first experience, I found myself having a time keeping up with the chat. Eventually, I got the hang of it and I really enjoyed reminiscing about 4-H camping that I did as a teen, going camping with my son and his boy scout troop, and going camping with my daughter's girl scout group. Roasting marshmallows was a favorite thing of mine to do while camping. It was a pleasure reading what everyone else's memories were. During the chat someone was actually going to  go out and get the s'mores supplies to make those after the chat! I admit I was craving them by the time we all finished talking!!

During this chat, I really enjoyed talking with colleagues here in our office and making a few new Twitter friends. Come join the group again this Thursday night from 8pm to 9pm EST and chat about Creepy Crawlies. @professorbug will join the chat as well. Unfortunately, I will be on the road to Holden Beach, NC for the holiday weekend and will miss it. You can catch what was said from Thursday night here. For more information on Thursday night's chat, read here.

The hashhtag for the Thursday chat is #wonderchat

Friday, June 24, 2011

Are We Thinking Positively Today?

Earlier this month, a coworker went to Starbucks. No biggie there...She went through the drive thru to get coffee and had realized she had forgotten her wallet. Rather than driving off, she pulled to the pickup window and explained what had happened. The lady in the window told her not to worry about it and gave her the coffee. How many times have you had that happen?

Do you ever eat somewhere and have a really pleasant experience?  Do you take the time to let the manager know how good your waiter/waitress was? Do you always thank someone when they have been helpful? Do you hold the door for that person behind you? From my own experiences with all these situations, I get in too big a hurry and sometimes forget to show common courtesy.

My point here is to stress that we should think positively in all our experiences and stay away from the negatives. Life is far too short to look for the bad in folks or everyday experiences.  Positive feedback should always be shown in everything, even in social media. We are all life long learners and can benefit somehow from every person's paths we cross daily.