Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Camp Inspire

Recently, I had the opportunity to work along side my co-workers from the Instructional Technology dept from WS/FCS at the CampInspire training conference that was held at Diggs-Latham Elementary School. This conference was led by Matt Barfield from Promethean. Each attendee chose which sessions they wanted to attend. Day 1 had 76 attendees and there was a great deal of information taken in. On Day 2 the same 76 people attended and collaboration was in full swing...I was in awe of the questions being asked, the comments being made, and the friendships being formed by our district teachers. Although it was warm, everyone worked tirelessly together and learned from one another.  I am anxiously awaiting everyone's final products in October.

What was different about this mini conference from the others you ask? Could it have been the several different session choices, could it have been the dates or time, could it have been the presenters, or the location? Not sure, but the conference was a huge success!

For more info about upcoming Promethean events in our district, look here.